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Hey – Can you really get two dozen patients consistently from Google?

Yes — without a doubt…

—> I have a Case Study to prove this to you. The case study below is about how to do this from free search traffic — plus a stunning Heat Map Study about where patients are to be found on Google. (Access the Case Study now, free. Just keep reading…)

Step 1 – Watch this Brief Movie about the Size of Google and the Opportunity to Get Patients from It:

Step 2 – Read this Case Study about Getting Patients from Google

On this Case Study, I’ll show how it is VERY realistic to be driving huge amounts of traffic into your practice from Google, Yahoo and Bing/MSN.

And, all these patients won’t cost you a cent because they came for free from Google searches.

Fact: Research shows that in the typical city, about
1,500 people are searching LOCALLY for a chiropractor

… every single month.

That figure much, much larger in most cities. And, it may be smaller in teeny tiny towns however 1500/month is the average number of people searching for a chiropractor on Google in MOST cities in America.

Oh by the way, this figure does NOT include how many people search for headache relief… whiplash relief… pregnancy lower back pain relief… carpal tunnel relief… spinal decompression… fybromyalgia… work injury…

Well, you get the idea. If we factor all these other symptoms in, the opportunity is vastly greater.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves:)

Here is why learning all this “Google Stuff” is vital to your chiropractic marketing future…

The reason why you should care deeply about Dominating Google is because this will be the source for most/all new patients in the near term and definitely long term.

There is a giant Tsunami wave TREND that we can’t ignore, and that is the enormous rise in what we call Local Search:

Over 1 BILLION people are searching the Search Engines (like Google) for local services monthly.

Oh, did I mention this is growing by 50% annually?!?!

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When’s the last time you picked up a city newspaper? Did you notice how stick-thin its getting?

This is because newspaper readership has plummeted to the lowest levels in 100 years and most are now bankrupt.

Same thing is happening with TV and Radio Advertising. (Just ask the Sales Reps!)

Want to guess were the new patients are coming from nowadays?

I just read a research study that estimates that 70% of new patients now turn to the internet FIRST before they choose a doctor. Do you realize what a cultural shift in buying behavior this is? Never before in history have patients in such vast numbers turned their backs on traditional advertising in favor of “internet research.”

(Hint: There is a HUGE opportunity here, if you know how to position yourself in FRONT of this “internet research.” I reveal more on the next page about doing this…)

In the Typical City there Are 1,500 Searches for LOCAL Chiropractic Services Monthly

If we assume the average practice is open 5 days a week, we can divide the number of monthly searches to arrive at roughly 70 daily searches. Again, this number is actually a very conservative estimate here, but let’s stick with it.

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Do You Realize How Many New Patients You Can Get From those 70 Daily Searches?

We’re talking a L-O-T of daily traffic. Essentially, free patients thanks to Google. When patients keep slamming into you EVERYWHERE on Google, who do you think gets that patient?

On the next page, I want to show you a Google heat map study that will ASTOUND you and prove to you beyond a doubt that you can get a ton of patients from Google…

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